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problem with prison overcrowding, so unless someone can be proven to be a danger or a flight risk, they're going to get bail. >> reporter: a judge ordered him in court to surrender his passport and guns, and to stay away from the bank teller who he allegedly robbed. he faces up to five years in prison in convicted. a fellow deputy patted his shoulder as he left the courtroom. >> could be transported to another county. they may have been in and out of the courtroom, they may have had prisoners in custody or interacted with the judge in some way. >> please don't bother him. we did don't have any comment right now. he will prove his innocence in court. >> reporter: the seven-year veteran is currently suspended without pay from the sheriff's
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department. police are looking for witnesses to a fatal crash that killed a teenage girl who was out riding a bicycle. she was hit by a car this morning. paramedics say she was treated for major injuries at the scene, and died after being transported to stanford hospital. the driver involved in the collision remained at the scene, and is cooperating with police. anyone who witnessed that collision is urged to call authorities. a judge continued a court hearing for a 14-year-old boy who is charged as an adult with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 65-year-old woman. police say he abducted the woman from a shopping center in have a layio. he faces 10 felony counts. police in san jose are searching for two men who held up a jewelry store at gunpoint. two armed men, wearing masks and hood sweatshirts entered
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the store about 10:15 this morning. police say they approached the store owner who also had a gun, and the three exchanged gunfire. the would-be robbers then took off empty-handed. >> we have officers looking for witnesses. others are searching for video that could possibly help us in the investigation, and we also have officers canvassing the area, looking for possible suspects. >> they're still trying to find the suspects. no injuries were reported. san francisco general hospital is demanding compensation from the los angeles dodger for the treatment of brian toe. they are -- brian stow. they are seeking 1.2 million. >> i do think the level of care
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that i know he has received since over an entire baseball season now, the billed a up, and i do think that there is some negligence case that they probably have. >> the hospital wants the money from former dodgers owner frank mccourt who is accused of providing lack security in the dodgers stadium parking lot where the beating happened. authorities in humble county have called off the search for a 16-year-old boy who died saturday while trying to save the family dog in in the ocean. the boy and his parents all went into the ocean. the parents both drowned. the coast guard searched for the boy but called off the search yesterday. the dog ended up surviving. >> armories are opening their doors tonight to give homeless residents a warm, safe place to stay. organize sayres their goal goes way beyond tonight. rob? >> right now, this national
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guard armory is being transferred into a shelter. you can see volunteers are setting up blankets, preparing to get those on the street out of the cold. >> this is where the bulk -- >> reporter: those who work with santa clara's homeless people predict these beds will fill up. beginning tonight, there will be 275 additional winter beds here in san jose, and at the national guard armories in sunny valle and gill roy. >> if we can get people into housing as quickly as possible, the chance offers ending their homelessness is very high. >> reporter: in downtown san jose, we went to a locates where many homeless people congregate. this man said he looks forward to sleeping in a warm bed tonight. >> it's cold, no matter how many covers you put on, you can feel the coldness, you know, and you've got some kind of heater, and i don't have one of those.
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>> reporter: a survey shows on any given night, about 7,000 people are on the street in santa clara county. last year more than 2,800 homeless people came inside for a warm bed and warm meals. >> it's really cold and there's nowhere to go to the bathroom, and you have to go all the way to the public toilets. >> so if where we start is a warm bed, then that's great. but the goal is to move them beyond that. >> reporter: and back live, where volunteers are getting ready. the winter shelter program opens tonight at 6:00, and will stay open through the end of march, and we'll will be when homeless people come through the doors. cyber monday continues to grow at a rapid pace. a new survey estimates there will be 6 million more on-line shoppers this cyber monday, compared to last year.
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our consumer editor is in san rafael to explain why on-line shopping continues to grow. >> reporter: with so many people now fully comfortable shopping on-line. cyber monday may be a bit passe now. for the first time on black friday, thanks to special offers, one day on-line sales top add billion dollars. richard, founder of the sharper image, was one of the first big on-line retailers. he now does business as richard solo, strictly on-line. >> cyber monday has developed a reputation as a day to get special sale prices that you may not get later. >> reporter: but whether you'll be able to get those big discounts after today has everything to do with how well or poorly things are selling as christmas approaches. >> try to figure out what the customer is going to buy, and then trying to manage to buy
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just the right amount of inventory so you don't have too much, too little. >> on-line, you can just shop around real easy. open a few tab when you need to go to different store, so you can compare prices and everything. >> it's totally about convenience. where i don't have to leave my house, and i can have something delivered within four or five days. it's the easiest. >> i think it's just easier for people to buy from their computer at home. they don't have to go out. >> on-line is certainly increasing. i think it's up about 20% this year. so it's still growing. >> reporter: for many people, ultimately price is the usual decision point because products have become like corn flakes and toilet paper. we'll explain the commodity issue, the issue of commodities coming up of 6:00. cabreraktvu, channel 2 news.
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>> here is a list of some in the most things searched an today for cyber monday: . >> california began taxes on- line sales this year, but at 5:30, why the state may be missing out on millions of dollars because of how that law was written. a new crackdown on internet counterfeiters. 132 international websites were shut down today. >> jaymee: c.e. said they were -- ice said that count fitters send shabby merchandise, or often fail to fill the order at all. >> organized criminals looking to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers to make
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a quick buck. >> congress returned today from its thanksgiving break with the country still headed toward that fiscal cliff. republicans are pressing the white house for a list of long- term spending cuts. democrats still want to raise income taxes on the rich. so far there is little outward signs the two sides are are closer to heading off the automatic tax increases and spending cuts economists have said could push the economy into another recession. the dow dropped 42 points today. the nasdaq was up by 9. the s&p closed by by 2.
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a carbon monoxide scare that sent four people to the hospital in san francisco may have been a false alarm. for instance fire facers were called to a -- san francisco firefighters were called to a home last night where several family member complained of being sick and said they heard a fire alarm. thirteen people, including small children, were taken to the hospital, and some were found to have elevated levels of carbon monoxide, but pg & e found no gas leaks in the home. officials say it can be caused by smoking cigarettes. the a fake press release stating that google had purchased ikoa inc. caused an up roar this morning.
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the report was that google paid $400 million for the company. the phoney release has since been moved. it could have been an attempt by criminals to boost share price, which is punishable by jail time. there are big changes coming your way. it's going to get real wet around here. i'll let you know when to expect the first rain, and, really, how long is it going to stick around.
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the city of san jose is facing a crucial question. who is going to be hired as the next police chief. this comes as the department is add odds with the mayor about cutbacks, and as there are major carolinas bout staffing and morale. >> reporter: a meeting is set to get under way in just about
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90 minutes here at the community center. it is designed to get residents engaged in the search process. as part of a national search for the next leader of san jose's police department, the city manager is take input from the community. >> we have a series of four meetings to check with residents, what's changed, what are the things that are concerning you, what are the qualities of the next chief that we should look for opinion. >> reporter: the police force currently has nearly 1100 sworn officers. the city said it is looking for a good manager who can deal with constrained resources. >> what we've learned is that the chief of police in san jose really has to have a good mix of being community minded, collaborative, a good communicator, sensitive to the diversity of our community. >> reporter: joseph mcnamara says hiring a new chief right now is not an easy task. >> san jose is the least staffed large police department in the country.
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you have a demoralized police force, and the immediate future looks pretty bad fiscally. >> reporter: the president of the san jose police officers association said there are two names that have frequently surfaced, press no police chief, and sacramento chief. and yet another potential candidate is being pushed by council member, and that is former san jose police captain gary kirby. i spoke with a spokesperson from the sacramento police chief, and he is open to all options at this point. and it's not just a new san jose police chief who needs to be hired in the area, the chm also needs a lot of -- chp also needs a lot of officers. more on that story at 6:00.
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a decision hasn't been made on whether to charge a 15-year- old teen as an adult. investigators say he and 26- year-old jonathan will banks held up four south bay businesses before instituting a man outside a 7-eleven in an apparent carjacking attempt, and then opened fire on a police officer, slightly wounding him. a 45-year-old man was killed over the weekend when his bicycle collided with a car. this happened saturday night in the west end of counsel town truckie. robert coatlisten jr. was taken to the hospital where he died. the number of deadly crashes in california over the thanksgiving holiday were up compared to last year, but dui arrests were down slightly. the chp says 31 people were killed statewide, including six in the bay area between wednesday evening and yesterday
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morning. that is 10 more deaths compared to last year. in the bay area, there were four more fatal crashes compared to last year, and in many of those cases, the people were not wearing their seat belt. statewide, 224dui arrests were made, compared to 227 last year. >> the fda has halted operations at the company's largest organic peanut butter processer. salmonella was found inside the new mexico processing plant of sunland incorporated. 41 people in 20 states, most of them children, got sick after eating peanut butter that was manufactured at the plant and sold at trader joe's. sun land sold hundreds of products toes the nation's largest grocery store chains if. a new study of federal records suggests some research animals were put through unnecessary and painful treatments. the san francisco chronicle uncovered the findings, and the
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chronicle says that they underwent amputations without anesthetickic, or were starved to death. a usc spokeswoman responded that the university complies with requirements for humane treatment. the pacific legal foundation filed a petition on of two california farm owners that say that the killer sharks are not in danger of becoming ex-tinct. let's talk about our weather. a fantastic weekend here, but just a couple of minutes ago you got my attention when you said a lot of rain is on the way. >> yeah, a lot of rain. and it's going to get real wet, and it's going to last once we get into the middle of this week into next weekend. the timing will be the trick to this. i have the big satellite view going for you. i want you to see how far out into the pacific this extends. a lot of moisture coming up
5:19 pm
from the tropics. that is getting pulled into the system. the jet stream is going to just motier in off the pacific, and it's going to point right towards northern california. that's where the heaviest rains are going to be, up in the santa rosa area. that's because that's where the jet stream wants to stay. when you look at that satellite, you don't need me to tell you it's going to rain. now, organizing it and getting it together and the timing on this will be the trick. we have seen weather pat everyones like this before. this is not that atypical, but it's a good one. it's going to be productive for rainfall. could be bad if it doesn't get us those breaks. we have a break coming here and there, but those breaks are going to be crucial. this is one of those deals where i'm not going to sit here tonight ask say this is exactly how it's going to go. i'm going to tell you it's going to be wet. there's nobody that can tell you the timing on these yet. they just can't. so these are going to be kind of coming at us. but we're going to be fine, we're goes to get a lot of
5:20 pm
rain, especially in the north bay. you can worry some about the rivers and the creeks, we'll be keeping an eye on those. but i'm not going to try to tell you i know what the breaks are going to be, i'll tell you what's coming tomorrow and the next day and we'll work our way through it. it will be cool tomorrow morning. tomorrow is a nice day. then the winds will start up, gale force winds along the coast, and this series of systems will if begin to move into the bay area. there's going to be wind with this. all right? with these systems. so overnight lows tonight are going to be cooler than they will be. after that, they'll warm up. we had a dense fog advisory this morning out in the central valley out towards the fairfield area. tomorrow we will see morning fog in some of the inland values. the north bay is most favorable for that. coming up, we'll give you the timing on the first, which
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coming in on wednesday. i'll be back here in just a little bit. well, who is going to getting the next start at quarterback for the 49ers? what the team is saying today aboutission quarterback controversy. >> and everyone likes a good parade unless your personal information gets exposed. the big mistake made in new york city on thanksgiving. and the ktvu ipad app is ready to download. you can watch all of our newscasts live, plus traffic, weather, and breaking news anytime, anywhere. you know how much grandma
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today jim harbaugh spoke, and he didn't commit, but you get the feeling that it's going to be colin kaepernick. >> colin kaepernick, he can do no wrong, as it is right now, winning his second consecutive start. did it in a tough location, down in new orleans in that dome. there are the two of them on the sidelines yesterday. kaepernick's line pretty close to what he did on monday night against the bears. he had 16 out of 25 completions for 231 yards. he ran for this touchdown. threw for another, added a 90.6 rating, and coach harbaugh had a long flight home to be able
5:25 pm
to craft a little talking to to the media today about this situation. >> alex smith is our starting quarterback. he has not done anything to lose that job. also colin kaepernick, you can categorize him as a backup quarterback if he started games and played very well in those games. so in a unique situation, you have two quarterbacks that are playing at very high level. this season, the quarterback position has been shared, and at the end of the season, you look back on it and say that was shared. so i think the thing that's best for us, we've got two good guys all right. if you're looking for the coach to name a starting quarterback to face the rams this sunday in st. louis, forget about that. it will probably be a game time decision, but we'll wait and see. but my guess would be that kaepernick is there until those rookie mistakes start cropping up, or they lose a game, but you have to feel for alex smith
5:26 pm
at the same time. like the coach said, he's done nothing to lose the starting job. >> playing great. >> it is as harbaugh said, a very unique situation, and for the fans, a lot of fun. justed as to -- let's not forget the fact they're 8-2-1, so they're playing very well. the san francisco giants are proving it pays to be world class championship boxing series champions. they'll be getting a record share for winning this year's failing classic. major league baseball today announced the players pool is a record $65 million. that means each player will receive $377,000, breaking the mark set in 2006 when the st. louis cardinals received $15,000 less. the pool comes from 60% of the gate receipts from play-off and world series games. and melky cabrera will also get a full world series share, despite his 50-game suspension for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.
5:27 pm
under league rules, he gets a share because he was on the giants roster after june 1st, and was eligible to play in the world series. the u.s. supreme court this week could decide whether to get involved in the historic issue of same-sex marriage. california's proposition 8 is on the line. justices could decide whether to review the challenge to the 2008 voter-approved ban on same- sex marriage. if they choose not to review the challenge, they could hear up to 8 other cases challenging the federal defense of marriage act. >> it's huge. we could see really a key change on our issues from the supreme court this term. the court could end up legalizing or banning gay marriage nationwise, depending on how far it goes. a teenager's humiliating
5:28 pm
airport pat-down. the flood of responses from our viewers.
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the state with the new so- called amazon texas expects to bring in about $100 million in its first fiscal year, but it is a confusing new law. some on-line retailers, big job line retailers are required to collect sales tax, but others
5:31 pm
are not. and if you buy something on- line and don't pay sales tax, odds are you still owe. if you need a tiki mug, a tiki statue, and there are many kinds, or anything hawaiian, talk to loren. his big seller? >> christmas hawaiian shirts right now. >> reporter: loren, like all small business owners charges sales tax, and he supported the law to require on-line retails like to do the same. >> i think it's unfair competition. >> reporter: but it only affects some of the larger on- line retailers like amazon, and only about 200 businesses have been identified by the state. >> we want folks to know that not all out of state retailers who are doing business on-line are required to pay tax. >> reporter: to so a camera that cost $600 would require
5:32 pm
$60 in sales tax, but if you bought from, there would be no sales tax collected by the business, but the state says you still owe a use tax which you must file on your taxes, which few people do. >> i think they need to do it nationally. i think the country is missing out on a lot of sales tax, a lot of revenue. >> reporter: well, so far the state said it has collected less than $20 million from the new on-line sales tax requirements, and of the companies that have been identified as those that fall under this law that should be collecting this sales tax, he said few are actually doing so. >> you can find more on cyber monday on our website, including how you can protect yourself while hunting for a bargain on-line. >> teachers in the every green school district rallied to draw attention to what they say are
5:33 pm
unfair contract negotiate tactics by the district. about 200 parents, teachers, students, and community members joined together to protest the district's decision to walk away from contract goshes and declare an impast after only six sessions. >> we would like the district to come back to the table and negotiate a fair settlement. >> protesters walked from east ridge mall to the district office parking lot. san jose officials have debuted a new look for the city's website, which they say will make it easier to find emergency services and events. it also has ways for residents to get more information about the emergencies, a calendar of 0 city-sponsored i've is among the new features on the
5:34 pm
website. sensa and parent company intelligent beauty must pay more than $900,000 to settle a lawsuit. sensa became the subject of a statewide nutritional supplement task force investigation after claiming that the weight loss effects of the product had been clinically proven, and an independent study found it did not meet those standards. new information tonight on our exclusive report about a teenager left partially naked and humiliated during an airport screening pat-down.
5:35 pm
scott mcfarland reports from our washington d.c. bureau that our story generated a tidal wave of responses. >> this story has created so much outrage. we also discovered congress was fired up about these pat-downs long before one of their colleagues had relative humiliated. tsa documents say she was a student traveling with a youth group from southwest christian school in texas wearing a loose fitting sundress when is the was pull aid side for a pat down. we're told the dress slipped, revealing her breast. our review found a complaint issue bade member of congress wasn't the first with cutdowns three other representatives have done the same within the
5:36 pm
last few months. one complained about three-year- olds bag patted down. another cited a man who had just undergone hip surgery who reported painful touching of his incision. and a public hearing will be held here thursday to review aviation security, pat-downs included. our investigation in the polite of a 17-year-old girl have become talk radioed toker this week. >> we've heard horror stories before, but this one takes the cake. >> every time you tell me that i'm not going to take the shoes off of any 12-year-old, as soon as you tell me that, that means that i'm the bad guy, i'm going to overlook a 12-year-old. >> reporter: the tsa says it regrets the embarrassment they caused this young girl, but said it was accidental.
5:37 pm
authorities are trying to determine how a lot of shredded police documents got tossed as parade confetti. it included social security numbers and license plate numbers in the new york city parade. facebook stock is climbing. the upward trend follows an upgrade after an analyst from new york says wall street is underestimating facebook's growth potential. facebook stock closed at almost $26 a shire today. that is up 8% compared to last friday. stock for yahoo today touched $19 for the first time since 2010, and it close $just below that at $18.75. extending a rally that has been gaining momentum. yahoo has been buying back it's
5:38 pm
own stock. cleared to fire. the unique and controversial solution the bay area airport is looking at to solve a problem dealing with birds. and why a new academic program at a northern california university she first to treat a taboo subject with such legitimacy.
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a serious problem with birds has a city looking at a controversial method to get rid of them. they will shoot at the birds, just to scare them, they will be shooting blanks. a different kind of bird is causing problems in san francisco. the aggressive foreign predator that has shown up as a popular spot. that story coming up in five minutes. a potentially damaging discovery at san francisco international airport, a tiny pest called a mealy bug ended up in a shipment of fresh mint from mexico. this is the first time this particular bug has been found in the united states. the entire cargo of mint had to
5:42 pm
be destroyed. you know smoking is bad for your health, but it turns out it may be bad for your brain, as well. british researchers gave brain tests to thousands of people over the age of 50. they repeated the tests after four and 8 years, and smokers appeared to score lower on the brain tests, compared to nonsmokers. the study appears in the journal age and aging. a cal state university campus has launched a first of it's kind academic institution devoted to the study of marijuana. humble state university has started the institute for interdisciplinary marijuana research. tomorrow they will host a meeting to speak about marijuana. it's the hit of so many bay area parties, but what doctors want you to know now about
5:43 pm
inflatable bouncers. in just 10 minutes, we're talking about rain, and probably lots of it. i'll show you how long it's going to last and when it's going to end.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
new information about those big inflatable bouncers kids love to play on. doctors say they're causing more and more injuries these day. we have some new numbers on just how often a child is getting hurt. john? >> reporter: we're at astro jump north bay.
5:46 pm
if you're a parent or even know one, you likely know what this is, an inflatable bouncer. it's popular for home parties, great fun, good exercise, but researchers today said that every 46 minutes nationwide a youngster somewhere is hurt on one of these. >> you get to bounce up and down, and it's not an every day think that you get to do something like this. >> reporter: while young people seem to love them, parents we spoke with are concerned about safety. >> they allow too many kids in at once, so they bounce off of each other. >> reporter: today's journal of pediatrics reports are that bouncer injuries are skyrocketing, more than doubling in the two years studied. >> i don't like them too much anymore. >> chipped a tooth. so i'm not surprise that came out. they're pretty dangerous. >> reporter: they say most injuries are from falling while jumping, next getting hurt while stepping in or out.
5:47 pm
this company's president, though, said since 1986, he has seen fewer and fewer injuries. >> we president safety in front of fun when we look at the equipment we are going to rent. if you rent from a reputable company, if you do watch your children while they're jumping and exercise a little bit of discipline, you'll have an injury-free party. >> reporter: and we're back live now, and van winkle says as with anything, that a little common sense protects a lot of people. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> bald is beautiful and a prom sis meant to be kept as far as two cheerleaders are concerned. the indianapolis colts cheer leaders had their heads shaved in honor of head coach chuck
5:48 pm
pagano who has been gone most of this season battling leukemia. they promised to shave their heads if a campaign to raise money passed $10, and it raised nearly $23,000 -- $10,000, and it raised nearly $23,000. a new study has found that 85 drugs may be dangerous when the user takes grapefruit juice. citrus fruits have an enzyme which breaks drugs down. so taking one tablet could be like taking five or 10 tablets with a glass of water. nasa has announced the crew for it's 2015 space mission. the current record for an american is 215 days.
5:49 pm
kelly is the brother-in-law of congressman gabrielle give orders. tonight one of the greatest movies of aim time is celebrating a milestone anniversary. >> you must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss. casablanca was released 70 years ago today. the movie featured one of the most beloved film songs of all time, as well as some timeless lines including here's looking at you, kid. we'll always have paris, and i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. and how about this? a sequel to casablanca is reportedly in the works. the governor of new york is asking the federal government for $42 billion in aid for
5:50 pm
damage done by superstorm sandy. >> you must act immediately to restore safe and healthy living conditions for your tenants, and that includes providing your tenants with heat, hot water, and electrical service. >> officials say 228,000 new york state residents registered for emergency help with fema. let's talk about hour weather now. we have stormy weather on the way that will bring about a lot of rain. >> that's right. a series of storms over a series of days. clouds move in tomorrow. the winds pick up tomorrow within but the rain really gets here as we get into wednesday in the morning. that's the first in a series of a couple of pretty wet systems. outside we'll go. i'll show you the first one building up offshore. tomorrow will be a day of increasing cloud cover, which you expected, and as we go into the last, you know, few days of
5:51 pm
november, this is what we're up against. wet weather pattern, 28th through the 1st. we're going to be wet and windy. is this crazy unusual? no, it's what happens this time of year. but we watch it closely, because it's a success of storms, and what you need is a break between those storms so you don't have flooding or problems with the commutes. right now peel wiling wet through parts of friday, saturday, and sunday. the high pressure tonight sets us up. i talked about this. the valley fog. we had a lot of it this morning. a dense fog advisory. tomorrow it will be back and it will be kind of sluggish as you get going to work tomorrow, but as we move past tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening and into wednesday morning, we get into this system, the first in a series, that one i drew the line across on, and it starts to move in.
5:52 pm
when you do the combined rainfall accumulations in the north pay, you're looking at maybe 10 or 12 inches of rain over a series of days. it's a lot of rain, and so tomorrow the clouds start moving in. tomorrow night, some more clouds. maybe a little bit of fog. but the winds start up, and this is our first shot at some rain, and you get some more showers, and here comes another one in here on thursday afternoon. so, again, that times is a roughed out timing. i'll be more precise with that timing certainly as we go through time, but just know tomorrow is a nice-looking day until it gets windy and a little cloudy at the end of the day, and then wednesday morning is our first brush with rain. but we'll just take it day by day, and we'll be fine. >> it is december, after all. >> this is what's supposed to happen. a natural gas explosion all caught on video.
5:53 pm
we are getting an upclose look at what happened in the moments after a gas line ruptured, injuring more than a dozen people and damaging countless buildings.
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is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. sir jailance video has been released from the natural gas explosion in springfield, massachusetts. that's actually the sound of
5:56 pm
the blast as it happened at a nightclub on friday. it sent blasts and debris all over the area, causing major damage. more than 20 people were hurt, more than 40 buildings were damaged. the state fire marshall says the explosion was caused bay gas company worker who ruptured a gas line while investigating a leak. >> mountain view based conceptus is relocating from its current location in mountain view. it has signed a 10-year lease on a 72,000 square foot space at murphy crossing on mccarthy boulevard. they make nonsurgical permanent birth control. and unwanted guests in san francisco's lake merced are making their prince known. these crow-sized creatures are making their presence known. the grackel have been seen eating the eggs of other birds in the area.
5:57 pm
experts say they likely migrate here because of human-caused changes to their natural environment. the national christmas tree arriving at the u.s. capital today, traveling 5500 miles from colorado. it made several stops along the way at military bases. it will be decorated with 5,000 ornaments. speaker of the house john baner will light the tree next week. coming up, damage we found at a vietnam war memorial. the solemn tribute found at ambassador chris stephens grave here in northern california.
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taggers strike a war memorial not once, but twice within a matter of days. jade has the story. >> reporter: taggers hit this vietnam memorial right here in concord. this park closes at dusk, and you can see it's gated,

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